Vor ein paar Wochen, haben wir euch eine ganz besondere Perle der Rockmusik, des sogenannten Pub-Rock’s präsentiert. Jointpopaus Tobago, welche mit einer ordentlichen Portion aus Rock ’n Roll, punkigem Flair und kompromisslosen Sound überrascht und an der Fans von anspruchsvoller, handgemachter, ehrlicher Rockmusik, welche die Traditionen des Rocks in Ehren hält, aber keineswegs eingestaubt klingt, nicht vorbeigehen sollten. Zunächst empfehle ich das Review zum Album Quicksand von Jointpop zu lesen. Meiner Wenigkeit hat diese atemberaubende Rocksensation, keine Ruhe mehr gelassen und so ließ ich mir es nicht nehmen, mit dem sympathischen Kopf und Mastermind Gary Hector ein Gespräch zu führen. Dieses habe ich hier in der Originalfassung auf Englisch gelassen. Gary hat viel spannendes zu erzählen!

Philipp: Hello guys, thank you very much for giving me the chance for an interview, how are you?

Gary Hector: Hello She-Wolf and to all your readers. All good here in Trinidad and Tobago.

Philipp: JOINTPOP released an outstanding new Album with quicksand, which totally rocks and is somekind of masterpiece, an link between the old fashion rock bands and new rock music, I totally love that perfect and passionate performance you guys did with this record, can you tell our readers a bit about the concept of your music? Was Quicksand already planned in that way you recorded and released it, or was that energy already available during the songwriting?

Gary Hector: Well, it really comes down to the band gaining confidence, momentum and self belief. This present line up has been together for nine years and Quicksand is it’s 4th album. So all aspects from the song-writing, arrangements, understanding and performance are more solid and mature. So its more down to pure growth.

A few things happened during the writing and recording process. Firstly, I really pushed and encouraged the keyboard player Phil Hill into writing songs or song sections, and that is all over the record. Then the rest of the band quickly caught on to the feel and vibe of the songs. Then to add to that, the choice of recording studio, which was really a sea side estate country house on the East Coast of Trinidad, where we set up all the gear from Eclipse Audio Studio, which is owned by Dion Camacho, the drummer. The sound and feel of the album got the final touches from the producer Paul Kimble. So we all lived at the house for two weeks just recording and having fun, cooking, cards, darts,football, drinks, laughs, working on our short game for golf and other assorted island habits.

Philipp: Please describe JOINTPOPs musical style and influence in your own words for our readers:

Gary Hector: We are simply a ‚Rock ’n‘ Roll Band ‚

Philipp: As from the whole album, we were also very impressed from that The Clash cover of London’s Burning, which you transformed in Trinidad’s Burning, what was the Idea about it? Was Punkrock also a important influence in your career? Because (to me) a punkrock flair is constantly present.

Gary Hector: Oh yes…of course…Im a big fan of Punk Rock…and not only the music but also the ethics and vibe of Punk Rock. So when the producer mentioned lets just do a quick cover as we had some time, I quickly suggested London’s Burning from The Clash and just changed the lyric to Trinidad’s Burning. Recorded it in 10 minutes, as it should be. So on JOINTPOP albums lots of Punk Influences come through, but cant say we are a Punk Rock band, just a Rock ’n‘ Roll band.

Philipp: Quicksand is the sixth studio album in your entire career, when you remember the early days of JOINTPOP, how do you feel and what did it felt like to be the first time ever in the studio with this band and live, can you give as a short review about the early days?

Gary Hector: It’s all a bit fuzzy, but it all feels like yesterday to me. The main thing was always about staying calm and relaxed and enjoying the process.

Each of the albums mean a lot to us. We keep pushing ourselves to keep positive progression as we go along. Not to mention, being a band with no label and management, with no one to ‚answer to‘, we can do whatever we like. That can be a problem, but its more exciting that way. Keeps us alive.

Philipp: Your Sound is true and might let people think, that you really play in their living rooms, it’s like an concert. A great studio work indeed, but it gives the feeling of an Live Concert, was this wanted from you guys?

Gary Hector: Strange. But this album was actually recorded in a living room.

Paul Kimble was a massive part of this album. He is the bass player and producer of one of my all time favorite bands, Grant Lee Buffalo. I saw them live in San Francisco way back in 1993 and followed them since, including Grant’s solo work. Paul also produced the brilliant soundtrack for the cult classic movie, The Velvet Goldmine. One day I just saw his name on Facebook, so I sent a friend request, and we started chatting and that led to him agreeing to produce the album. I had him on hold for a few months as we had to find some creative ways and means to find funds for the entire production costs for the album. From the moment I picked him up at the Trinidad airport, 20 minuets late of course, in true island style, I knew it was going to work as he started going on about how cool this record would be and that he just wanted us to all have fun and enjoy the process. His basic motto was ‚Shut to F#ck up and play or sing or whatever‘. Exactly what we needed at that time in our journey as a band.

Philipp: What is the greatest influences to constantly writing such great and strong songs? What gives you the inspiration for your lyrics?

Gary Hector: I tend to look at the album as a whole component versus the songs. Which is why we only write songs when we decide to make an album. So it’s always album title first, and then build on the theme and its surroundings. So once ‚Quicksand‘ stuck in my head, I’m off to work on lyrics, chords and melody. You can either sink or survive ‚Quicksand‘, so it’s a bit about both. The band, individuals, the country, the world in Quicksand. So sink or chill.

Philipp: Do you have any special favorite songs of JOINTPOP? Which would you recommend for people who starts to discover the music of JOINTPOP?

Gary Hector: I write them all so sometimes it’s hard to pick out favorites, but I will mention a few titles;

“Reality and T“, “Simply Beautiful“, “Down To Me“, “Mil Mascaras“, “$oul$ Going Cheap“, “Sweet Nothings“, “Please Don’t Tell My In-laws (I’m An Outlaw)”, ”Monday Morning Love Situation”, ”Camden Ketchup”. So please feel free to check all the music online.

Philipp: What are your favorite music albums of all the time?

Gary Hector: Albums from these bands/singers; Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks, The Who, Black Sabbath, Bowie, T Rex, Blondie, Patti Smith, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Smiths, David Rudder, The Mighty Sparrow, Lord Kitchener, Grant Lee Buffalo, The Carpenters and lots more.

Philipp: And do you got any JOINTPOP alltime-fave albums?

Gary Hector: Yeah… “Port of Spain Style“, “Exile, Baby“, “The January Transfer Window“, “The Longest Kiss Goodnight“, “The Pot Hounds“ and “QUICKSAND“.

Philipp: What other hobbies do you like practising when you are not writing music?

Gary Hector: I am a sports person…watching and playing lots of football, golf, cricket and I’m also a family and friends person so just being with them makes me very happy.

Philipp: On which places in the world did you played shows in the past?

Gary Hector: New York, Florida, San Francisco (USA) England, Wales, Scotland (UK)

Philipp: Will there be a chance in the near future to see JOINTPOP Live in Austria, Switzerland and Germany?

Gary Hector: We are working on a tour in 2016 to selected European countries with the G-S-A states included for sure.

Philipp: And what was the greatest moment with JOINTPOP?

Gary Hector: We had some highlights like playing the legendary New York city venue CBGB and lots others, but to be honest just being together and playing, touring, writing and recording are the greatest moments.

Philipp: What are your future plans for JOINTPOP? Any Tour? New Album?

Gary Hector We are always planning. The fact is, we can’t get any bigger in Trinidad and Tobago. That’s just the way it is, and it wont change. We respect that. Our music at home is mostly Calypso, Soca, Steel-pan, reggae and Top 40 hits, and that’s just fine, the rhythm of the islands. So we will be forever underground, we can’t change that. So touring UK, Europe and USA is our lifeline. Quicksand.

Easier said than done, but that’s what we do.

Philipp: The last word is your’s, is there anything you want to tell our readers?

Gary Hector: Thanks to all, keep in touch with us online on our social media sites, spread the word on JOINTPOP and hope to see you at the gigs when we tour…Danke.…Prost (working on my German language.)

Sympathischer Mann und was für eine wahnsinns Band Jointpop sind – Rock ’n‘ Roll’s Alive with Quicksand!


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